Oct School Holidays – Do you want to Smash you NCEA exams?

StudyTime is hosting a number of subject-specific NCEA workshops across the country to help prepare students for their end of year exams.


The workshops will be held during these school holidays at varying dates between 1-12 October, depending on the subject, at the Riccarton Library, Christchurch. The specific dates for each workshop can be found here.


These workshops are high-impact group learning sessions that will provide students with the knowledge, confidence and strategies to excel in their NCEA externals. Run exclusively by Inspiration Education’s team of bright young tutors, attendees of the workshop(s) will:


  • Learn all the relevant content for passing exams, spanning each external standards for their subject.

  • Get to know exactly what skills the exam will be testing, and learn how to answer complex Merit and Excellence questions.

  • Build, practice and implement powerful study techniques and exam performance strategies.

  • Understand how to maximise their potential by planning efficiently and studying smart.

  • Meet and join a supportive learning community of like-minded students and tutors.

  • Receive an exclusive StudyTime subject workbook complete with answers and a set of personalised subject notes to continue studying after the workshop.

  • Get any questions or concerns about externals answered by experienced tutors who have, or are pursuing tertiary degrees.

  • Kickstart their motivation for exam leave, and remind them to start building proper study habits now.


Each workshop will take place over one full day, and span a total of 6 hours (with breaks in between). They currently cost $79.99 per student as our early bird offer – this price is to cover the wages of the tutors, preparation for the workshop and the printing of resources. More information about the workshops can be found here.