Oct School Hols – Know Your Purpose Event



Join the world’s first CELEBRATE YOUR GENIUS event in Christchurch for 13-17 year old’s who want to discover their unique talents, passions and purpose.

Attend a fun-packed, 2-day event where you will discover your true genius and natural path to success. Quite unlike what you learn in school, you will leave this workshop knowing what makes you unique and how you can make a difference in the world.

Participants will explore opportunities including social enterprise, entrepreneurship, life skills and future trends; all while having fun and making new friends.

We’ll share some amazing stories of young people who have been super successful, and how they’ve achieved their success. We’ll share how you can apply their journeys to your own, and establish your own goals for success.

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About Know Your Purpose

Do the young people in your life have a clear sense of who they are?

Do you want to help them find the path of least resistance to success?

At Know Your Purpose we support young people to discover their true, individual strengths, passion and purpose and recognise the contribution they can make to others.

We offer fun-packed, transformational programs for young people and their parents, to build self-awareness, resilience and confidence. Participants explore social enterprise, entrepreneurship and set goals for their future.