Need some help getting your Learner’s Licence?

Need some help studying to get your Learners License?

Youthtown is running a Learners Licence Programme that is a 6-week course that will help young people 16 years and over get their Learners Driving Licence.

The course comprises of 4 weeks of interactive teaching from the NZTA Road Code, followed by bringing students into their local AA for booking and testing in weeks 5 & 6. The cost of the programme is $150.00.

We run our public courses out of libraries and other public spaces.  The next available courses are 14/05 – 18/06 @ Eastgate Mall and 20/05 – 24/06 @ Bishopdale Library.

The requirements to join the course are that the student is 16 years or over, and will be required to provide certain official documents of identification for them to be able to book in for their test. The NZTA are very specific on the forms of ID’s that are accepted, so make sure you jump on the NZTA website and know what they require.

You can find the courses and more information on our website: