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First Aid Course – July School Holidays!!

Just a reminder that there is an NCEA Credited Comprehensive First Aid Course being run in the July (8th & 9th) school holidays. Max of 20 spaces available. To secure your place get a permission slip from the Careers Centre!!

Need some help getting your Learners Licence?

Need some help studying to get your Learners License?

Youthtown is running a Learners Licence Programme that is a 6-week course that will help young people 16 years and over get their Learners Driving Licence.

The course comprises of 4 weeks of interactive teaching from the NZTA Road Code, followed by bringing students into their local AA for booking and testing in weeks 5 & 6. The cost of the programme is $130.00 which includes the student’s test fee of $93.90 – this means it costs $36.10 for 4 weeks of tutoring!

We run our public courses out of libraries and other public spaces, and the nearest course to Cashmere is our Turanga Library course. We’ll be running this course once a week on Thursdays from 4pm-5:30pm at Turanga Library during weeks 3-8 of Term 1, with the start date being 14th February.

The requirements to join the course are that the student is 16 years or over, and will be required to provide certain official documents of identification for them to be able to book in for their test. The NZTA are very specific on the forms of ID’s that are accepted, so make sure you jump on the NZTA website and know what they require.

You can find the courses and more information on our website:

Are you thinking about a career in the automotive industry?

Are you thinking about a career in the automotive industry?
Auto Super Shoppes run a Training Academy for senior students wanting to leave school and get a job in the Automotive Industry.
The 12-week training programme is based in Auckland and upon successful completion, you will be guaranteed an offer of a 90-day trial with an employer best suited to your ambitions and ability.
For further information check out the link below and pop into your nearest Auto Super Shoppes

Short on Level 3 NCEA Credits ?



If you are up to 8 credits short to gain University Entrance and would still like to start University Semester 1 2019, Hagley College is running a catch-up programme. For further details check out their website and get in touch with them ASAP.



Another option is Te Kura Correspondence School. Through Te Kura you can study for free if you are between the ages of 16-19 years and a NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident, currently living in NZ. For further information check out their website and get in touch with them on 0800 65 99 88.


Experience Ara Taster Days


At Ara, get a feel for tertiary-level study with a variety hands-on Junior
and Senior Tasters, Information Sessions, and Holiday Workshops .

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